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11/9/2018 12:00:00 AM EASTERN
Updated: 11/9/2018 1:15:10 PM EASTERN
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Choose Local

Do you?

Choose Local.

Grant Regional Health Center is proud to offer the region a comprehensive array of medical and surgical services. Not only has the hospital recently made a substantial investment in the community by adding more than 70,000 square feet of new and renovated space with enhanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment, the hospital also continues to expand its medical staff, programs and services.

The successful recruitment of specialists provides the region local specialty care such as urology, orthopedics, gynecology and a wide range of general surgery procedures so patients do not need to travel a great distance for those services.

“Our ultimate goal is to help people get as much health care locally as possible. This means continuing to expand our service offerings and to open conversations with area and regional health plans to allow patients to see our providers locally,” explains Dave Smith, President/CEO of Grant Regional. “We recognize that not only does it cost patients money to travel out of town for healthcare services, but it also can be exhausting and drain time and patience.”

One growth area the past few years is in orthopedic services featuring fellowship-trained, joint replacement specialist Dr. Brad Binsfeld. The service includes a robust rehabilitation department for comprehensive treatment and follow-up.

“We believe that patients really want to be cared for in their community. They want to be close to home, where there is a sense of community,” said Smith. “They want to know they can come to their local hospital to get excellent healthcare and compassionate, patient-centered care. And if they’re going to be in the hospital, they want their loved ones close to support them in their time of need.”

Another local specialist is Dr. Krynn Buckley, who focuses on gynecological surgery and women’s health. In addition to offering advanced laparoscopic procedures, General Surgeon Dr. Adam Schope also provides treatment for varicose veins. Most recently, urologist Dr. Ian Stormont joined the medical staff and offers leading-edge surgical care and progressive treatment for urological conditions.

Despite the exceptionally qualified medical providers located in Lancaster, there is a strong undercurrent drawing patients to Dubuque and Madison due to health plans not credentialing local providers. This is a serious challenge for Grant Regional and other small rural hospitals in the area. Health plans have the power to allow or not allow local providers to see their members. Health plans argue they already offer specialty care in the region so there is no need to credential additional providers, however many times those specialists are based in the larger cities, and may hold satellite clinics in rural hospitals only once or twice a month. Patients should speak up that this not acceptable.

Grant Regional exemplifies what it means to be a valued community hospital. Firmly anchored here for the past 63 years, the hospital is committed to serving the health needs of the community and proudly maintains its independence and local governance. The 11-member hospital board represents five communities that define the hospital’s service delivery area. The hospital and its board listens and responds to the healthcare needs of the region. As a strong local hospital, Grant Regional employs a skilled local workforce and purchases local services and supplies for the growth and development of the surrounding communities.

With the upcoming change for Grant County employees to Quartz health plan, Grant Regional encourages these families to choose local when possible. There are many providers offering primary and specialty care. If tertiary care is needed outside of Lancaster, a person has the right to request local care following surgery or treatment including follow up rehabilitation, post-acute care (swing bed program) or other services offered here.

It’s important to be an advocate for local care and make your wishes known to your physician, family and caregivers and your health insurance plan. Grant Regional Health Center has worked diligently to expand and grow for the benefit of our surrounding communities, and the hope is for those communities to in turn support local care. For more information about our providers and services, please visit our website at or find us on Facebook.