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Health and Wellness

Benefits of Breastfeeding
Aug 12, 2020 by Grant Regional
Benefits of Breastfeeding There are many benefits for both mom and baby if you decide to breastfeed. Breast milk is the perfect food for your baby, as it contains the best combination of ingredients for a strong immune system and overall...
Osteoporosis - we can help!
Jul 21, 2020 by Grant Regional
Osteoporosis One of my initiatives when starting here at Grant Regional was to start a bone health clinic to help prevent future fractures in osteoporotic fractures. Being in orthopedics for some time now there have been numerous times...
Importance of child wellness visits and vaccinations
Jul 21, 2020 by Grant Regional
They are your world. Let's keep them healthy and well during these challenging times. Understandably parents want to keep their children safe from COVID-19, but avoiding doctor visits and skipping immunizations puts them at risk to other...
Getting back to better health - return to activities/overuse injuries
Jul 02, 2020 by Grant Regional
Return to activities and overuse injuries. As we transition back into outdoor activities, sports, and work it is important to think about the potential for overuse injuries. There are multiple types of overuse injuries related to the...
Self-care isn't Selfish - It's Essential
Jan 23, 2018 by Grant Regional
It's 2018! You start the New Year with hopes and dreams and healthy intentions. Then the inevitable happens…weeks later, it is that time when your ambitious resolutions may begin to fall short and you settle back into your...