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Couch to 5K - 7 week training


The 7 week series is just $15 OR a complimentary bonus if you've registered for the Fun Run/Walk on August 27.

Running group meets: July 11 – August 22
Mondays at 5:30 p.m at Grant Regional Health Center

You can do a 5K! (Maybe not today – but you can in time) Grant Regional Health Center can help you get there! We will provide 7 weeks of training, materials and support to help you reach the finish line. Our goal is to complete (run or walk) the Fun Run Challenge 5K on August 27. Totally optional – but totally worth it! This session is designed to help those brand new-to running or beginner runners. It’s a realistic way to start and build your confidence to keep going! Starting slow is very important to continued success. We’ll start out by alternating running and walking. Each week, at your own pace - we will increase time and endurance. Adults and youth can join together.

**We welcome seasoned runners too! Join us, buddy up - and be a mentor! Who knows, maybe they'll inspire you to keep running each week too!

Week 1: 60 min. Welcome, Set Goals, Running Form, Injury Prevention, Shoes (40 min education, 20 min walk/run)

Week 2: 45 min. Importance of Breathing (15 min. education & 30 min. walk/run)

Week 3: 45 min. Hydration & Healthy Snacks (15 min. education & 30 min. walk/run)

Week 4: 45 min. Stretching/Yoga (15 min. education & 30 min. walk/run)

Week 5: 45 min. Inspiration Jessica Hauk (15 min. speaker, 30 min. walk/run)

Week 6: 45 min. Running Clothing & Accessories (15 min. education & 30 min. walk/run)

Week 7: 45 min. Celebrate Your Hard Work (30 min. walk/run & Smoothies to Celebrate!)

Each week you attend, your name will be entered into a drawing for great prizes!

Be dedicated, be determined! Hard work pays off!

Register for the Fun Run/Walk to take advantage of this FREE 7 week training series. Check the box to sign up for the Couch to 5K!

Location: Grant Regional Health Center
Type: Class
Preregistration: Not required
Cost: $15
Language: English
Registration has closed

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